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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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call? >> roll call apologizes roll call vote and we, take it same house, same call? >> roll call vote. >> on item 12. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. no arrest supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. no. there are 9 i see and 2 nos >> with that, madam clerk the adaptation calendar. those are being impacted if the matter is obtained on it can be removed
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>> roll call vote. >> is supervisor jane kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. there are 11 i's pr those months ago are approved and the resolution adapted. >> today is meeting will be adjourned on behalf of the supervisor avalos and supervisor campos so far the late mr. mar confess and at the suggestion on behalf of the entire board of supervisors for the enemy of the victims of the south koreans seal tragedy.
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>> i want to thank you and you alone and other staff. is there any more business before the body. there's no further business. >> with that, we're adjourned >> if you have phones or things that make noise if you could put them on vibrate. >> if you have a comment to make, we have speaker cards that should be up front, if you could fill that out and with your name and what agenda item you would like to speak on and hand them over to our staff and finally thank you to sfgov tv and media services every time
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that we meet for presenting this to the public. and we are going to go ahead and start with this a roll call. >> hyde. >> here. >> lee. >> per es. >> here. >> naomi akers is running late. she will be in in five minutes. >> we will start this with public comment and there is an opportunity for any in the public to speak to matters of the commission that is not currently on the agenda, and so is there any public comment? again, this is item are really just the agenda. please come up to the microphone and say your name and you have two minutes. >> all right. >> my name is bary, and i have not been here in a while. and >> i wanted to...
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>> hi. >> i want to congratulate you on getting the president of the commission, and the big shoes to fill because i felt that i was really impressed with your predecessor who did a wonderful job but i am here and i got incensed enough before i go to the pass over tonight and to speak on two subjects and i had one but a second one came up as a result of reading something on facebook. and the first one is about a club called infusion lounge and part of the place of entertainment permit involves having a security plan and how they handle the club and in the pictures and but it is not their job to control the transportation issues and the parking issues that do not directly impact the club and i just want to say that for coming to listening to my whining and she is very good at what they does.
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and she gives good direction on how to handle things and so i am here today, because i think that it is important to give the directions to the staff on how to handle without filing an official complaint, that allegedly or possibly could have relationships, and limiting the services or the visitation by a illegal or rogue taxiand to encourage the use and it would encourage them to get out of this safely when the taxis are nearby there and the fact that i had a problem and security person and that they tried to change the laws by saying that we can't park because we are near the fire hydrant and i am concerned about the clubs that are trying to influence the needs of the customer in the security and the venue owner i and would appreciate on how to file a official complaint and challenge the appeal on this particular venue.
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>> also, quickly, without naming names or anything. yesterday, there was a transportation hearing. and it went very well, and i think that if someone felt that taxis took over and i think that it was a point that we were invited and we needed to speak out about the concerns about late night transportation, and i think that it is important that we are part of the discussion to discount being part of the discussion and the need for it is beyond the purview of the commissioner heres and to really publicly state that you call one of these rogue vehicles here to here, and pier to pier ride sharing which you know full well as a commissioner that is not what it is. and as a member of the commission, it is for you to allow for the legal vehicles that are permitted by the city and yet you are yourselves have to go to the venues or you try to bust the venues that are not permitted and i think that you should not be on this commission. and it could come back to haunt
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you later. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment, again on items not on the agenda? >> i don't see any, so the public comment is now closed. we will move on to item two, which is the review and approval of the minutes from march 18th. and commissioners you guys have any comments or a motion? >> move to approve. >> second. >> second. >> great. motion and a second by commissioner perez. >> for the record, commissioner acres has arrived we will start with you. commissioner acres? >> aye. >> commissioner pier. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> campagnoli. >> aye. >> tan. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> that passes. and we will move on to item three the report from the executive director. you can go ahead and take it away. >> thank you.
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>> good evening commissioners. i have a really short report so there is nothing in writing for you to look at. we have had a busy couple of weeks, but hopefully most of you have been at the two things that i i want to talk about and the first was mentioned by the public speaker and the late night transportation hearing and it happened yesterday, and the land use committee. and i put it under the heading of the legislative and policy and because, i am really excited about it, i think that this is a big policy change for the city and i hope that it is the beginning of something really important and it will be something of a legacy that this commission can leave so just in a nutshell, supervisor weiner called for a late night transportation hearing and i mentioned it a few times in the commission and it finally happened yesterday, and it was about three hours, and there was a few of us agencies who had time to speak, and put some context to the issue. and then there was a whole lot of public comment around the needs of the people who use
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late night transportation in particular of the employees of the businesses that either start really early in the morning, in fact, like bakeries and places like that as well as obviously nighttime employees. so, the out come, at the moment, i believe will be that supervisor weiner on next tuesday, will put forth a resolution to create a task force, that hopefully will be led by myself and mr. vanhowten from the mayor's office of economic development to basically, you know, to be in the mind and scope out how we can create what we started to call yesterday, a late night integrated transportation plan. and it is a long process, that is going to include all of the modes of transport that you can think of, including personal vehicles, and taxis, and transit obviously, and it is going to take some work so that we will get all of the stake holders together but i am a
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little scared but i am going to do it and i will need all of your help and i will keep, and obviously coming to you, and for advice, and oversight, but i am pretty sure that this is sort of, or was in a long range strategic plan of the commission and it is a goal that all of you share and we will want to make sure that we include all of you, your stake holders and sort of groups in this process as well. so, i am excited to cross your fingers. >> the monday before that, my monday has been really exciting was the industry summit. that we have annually. and so some of you were there, i know. for a period of time. i think that also went really well. and i the development
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process it will not be the end of it and our break out sessions i think were well attended and interesting and we had less in the security meeting because you did not stress this year, and the safety and security at the summit, from the get go and i think that it okay. and i think that we are at a place where the security across the board at night clubs is functioning really well and so
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what we did do in the security break out and i think that commissioner joseph can speak to this as well as inspector burke is talk to the city of sacramento about how they do entertainment policing. and it is really interesting model and it is completely different than we do here, and it is i think, people who were interested in probably might pursue something as we get the police force in san francisco up to the numbers that it ought to be so that there is more people spread out among the areas that we need them at night. and those are the two highlights, i think. and we are drafting as you know, the additional stuff, and the additional words for the out reach, document that we used to encourage people to do the neighborhood out reach and the permitting process. and so that is ongoing. i did get some language today regarding the ten b issue and the follow up to the police commission. and so i might talk to you
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commissioner campagnoli about making sure that we are adjusting the police commission properly. and i think that is it. unless you have any questions, i am going to turn it over to inspector burkes. >> it looks like we have one question. >> so, first i want to compliment you joslyn because i can't remember how long it was before we brought up the late nature transportation and banging the drum and i think that your stick to it was outstanding and i want to say that from front of god and everyone and on television, having said that, and also just i just wanted to comment further to miss king's comment on the entertainment policing and just in really just in a net shell, we had a couple of really great guys, one was and i am not sure if he was a sergeant or a lieutenant but he
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headed up a squad and it does not mean that he was a sergeant, but he ended up a group of people that were equal to a squad of police and he was assisted by the manager of the local business association, akin to what rcvd would be here, and what this and this called tent and k and what this group did was raised the money to support this squad of people in their over time, and other things so that they could do this, they would trained in dealing with night clubs and it reminded me very much of the time that we went through the responsibility hospitality and the guy from chicago was talking about entertainment policing. and so all of these guys do. they are sacramento police and that is all that they do and they kind of understand the business, and they know how to deescalate stuff. and they rarely arrest or come down with a hammer, but
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instead, negotiate it was very interesting. i think that we are going to make a trip to sacramento and actually look at it and watch it and see what it does. because sacramento is a lot closer than chicago. >> so, those are my comments. >> any other commissioner comments? >> all right. >> good evening commissioners thank you. just a couple of quick notes. i have a few outstanding complaints and things that i am investigating. one being the complaint from a neighborhood at maze which is on polk 1233. and multiple complaints here and some homeless folk in the alley that are around and not necessarily our jurisdiction but adding to the complaints but the biggest one is the sound escaping from the side of their building and there is an alley doorway that i have noticed open two weeks ago.
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so i just spoke at length with the owner about monitoring the levels and making sure that the security was posted at those doors at all times preventing the patrons and staff from using it as an in and out. this past weekend, the neck of the woods, 406 clement had a call for loud music, and this was a san francisco police found a private gathering there after hours. so, we are going to set up a meeting, to speak with them. pardon me? >> rec room is a business that we are working with right now to address some ongoing sound issues. they are on california street and they have a few speakers sitting mounted in their ceiling, and on a very difficult sound system to adjust individually. and so i have been by a few
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time now trying to work with their managers and adjusting the sound systems so that it is not disrupting local neighbors. and made a lot of progress with them, regarding keeping their sidewalks clear and keeping patrons quiet outside of the premises. the first time that i had seen the armory, the new armory building in action was two weeks ago. and they had a party game of throwns kick off party and i noticed a little bit of congestion in the back of the building and generally speaking the lines were managed well and the crowd control was very good. and just on a general patrol of kt on the similar street and after, conversing with the manager there, and realizing they had some new staff on that
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night, but, i did notice a multiple open containers and one in the hand of a patron, outside of the establishment and two in the tree, just a few feet from the front door and so we had a lengthy information and i think that we will be following up with the notice of violation and notes for that. >> that is about all that i have, any questions? >> commissioner joseph? >> okay, i have two questions, on maze, so the door in the alley, is that the door with the exhaust fan in it? the door itself i don't believe has an exhaust fan but the r2 silver exhaust fans are right next
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experience with the kt that there their security only cares about the door, it does not... it seems to me that they do not care about much and when you found containers outside, would you say those were containers patrons brought to the venue and left outside before they went in? or were they containers people brought out of the venue into the street? >> i would say the first container that i noticed in the alley on the side of the building was probably brought from inside kt's and i did not see it but i did see it in someone's handouts of the venue and it looked like they were associated with the venue itself. and the two containers in the front were both plastic and filled with just what looked like to be a small amount of beer and my assumption there
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was that they were probably dropped by the trio on the way past the club and at the very least one container that i would associate with the venue and then two additional which they did nothing to. >> they had the proper amount of security for the occupancy. >> they have, i believe, i did not, i did not check there, they are not going to see it that evening. and i believe that they are small enough to just have a 49 occupancy. >> they have more than one door. >> they do have two doors, and they had two security on that night, and two security and a manager. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> i have a quick question about conya and we did not permit them and so the sound check was just for the ipod and the speaker system? >> this was a neighborhood ambiant level. so that is correct. they do not have a permit. and i was just out getting a neighborhood reading. >> how i guess, cooperative have they been to just levels
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that you have set? >> so far, any time that i have driven by since they were last here, in front of the commission, i have not heard anything outside of the venue, i have not yet to have any conversations with them about the level of music that is inside of the establishment and what was the level that you said. on the neighborhood level. and i have to look at notes. there are a few, the baker next door does give off a pretty consistent sound from the roof and it is in a flight path and i believe for sfo. and so it is not a silent neighborhood, but it is not also a major thorough fair where you get a lot of foot or vehicle traffic. and you get the exact reading and after the follow up. >> and so this visit over 70. >> no. >> it was under 65 do you think? >> it was right around 65.
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>> thank you. >> commissioners are there other questions to inspector's report. and all right, is there any public comment about the director and inspector's report? >> i don't see any. all right the public comment is closed. and we will move on to the next item? and which is the police department comments and questions. so, officer and any other officers the floor is yours. >> hello commissioner and staff, from the center station and not a lot of insurance did incidents and some significant ones and kind of light on that and we will go over of different ones, the first one was from club atmosphere, 447 broad way on april 12th at 1 a.m. and i will read the narrative on the above date and time, i along with martin and
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tow were assigned to the broad way because of the patrons with the numerous strip clubs that draw a diverse crowd. and across the broad way street, we heard it come from in front of atmosphere and a large group were coming out and standing there with an unknown female screamed and had the shirt up to her waist and she was running away as she continued to run away and fall to the crowd. at one point, one of her female friends picked her up over her shoulders and walked her to the street and a short time later, a silver personal vehicle pulled up in front of the atmosphere and turned on the hazard lights and prior to the vehicle arrival, it ushered the group to get out of the front entranceway and pointed the group to the adjacent alley and as soon as the vehicle arrived,
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the officer started to video tape the intoxicated female, as female was forced into the back of the vehicle. >> i spoke to the security and people. they were just inside of the atmosphere and the birthday girl was very drunk and so they had to take her home, the remaining group then went back into the club. i spoke to the security, and i asked them why the female got so drunk and the unidentified security guard told me she is pretty drunk from the bottle service, i complained that they need to monitor the level so they do not get as drunk and out of control. and he replied it is bottle service and infering that they had no responsibility since the patrons serve themselves. i further told them that they needed to care as incidents like this one could effect the liquor license and with no license he would not be employed, and he smugly said that he would be employed
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someplace else and that was, you know looking at over serving tied into the bottle service and the other one, that i will go into in just a moment was over serving or possible over serving, and with the drunk person, but, when you have the bottle service and you are not monitoring it just creates problems and you have a bottle right there and it could be a grup of eight people and two meals with one person. >> could you talk more into the mic. >> the bottle service you don't know how many people are actually consuming that bottle, when it is not monitored you will be intoxicated quickly. the second was on april 14th at 1:340 a.m. and this the and narrative, we noticed two men struggling and the nightclub known as atmosphere, we exited our patrol car and immediately recognized barow as the employee at at moss fear and i
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also saw the suspect striking barrow about the head and shoulders with a cell phone and i saw the suspect was bleeding from his face and mouth and the officer attempted to defain the suspect by taking control of the arms and order him to stop resisting, unfortunately he did not submit to our authority, and as soon as i saw the security officer disengage and backed away. and once the group, and once on the ground and with the assistance of several other sfpd officers and we were successful in seeing the suspect in handcuffs and i called the par paramedic there and i also noticed that the suspect's eyes were red and waterly and that his face was flush and there was an odor about the alcohol in his breath and all of the symptoms of alcohol intoxication. and then they had one statement and i will just read a couple of sentences. and the security guard was working in the front door for the security for the club
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atmosphere and he was standing outside in front of the club's entrance when he saw him starting the physical altercations with the patrons inside of the atmosphere and he escorted the suspect out and he was bleeding from his mouth because of the altercations inside of the club and the suspect agitated from being taken out of the club, began to spit blood and yelling i have aids and he began to rub his hand and smeared it all over the front windows of atmosphere and the security told him to stop and he turned around the security and swinging at his face with a closed fist. he said that they would begin to fight at that point. i think that it is another example of the intoxication levels that caused, you know, the problems that we are dealing with on broad way. the next incident is that vessel and this was a battery and that was, this is on april
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13th and a little after 2:00, two patrons were arrested for battery, earlier one patron was ejected and he was waiting for his friends to come out, and once all three came out the patrons began to an tagize the two females and the two intervened and attacked and the suspect kicked a woman before getting on market street and two suspects were arrested. the last one were some threats and one at mcgeary, on grant street and 3 at the ruby sky and one at 530 jackson, any questions or comments? >> i only have one question, in the incident with the guy who is bleeding and you believe that he came from atmosphere? >> he was fighting inside of the atmosphere and he was ejected which is the proper thing to do. >> right. >> and then he was spitting at, i believe that it says that he was spitting at the security guard. >> so was there only one
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security guard or was there security guard have back up. >> all that they have in here just mentioned that the officers saw the suspect in the one security guard and i don't know anything further than that if there were other people involved. >> okay, thanks. >> i have been hearing a lot of atmosphere over the last few months if not longer. and you said that you have been talking to the security, but i am just curious do you feel like there is any greater action that our commission needs to take around and to bring them in or try to negotiate with them. >> prior, i think that it was prior to the last meeting, we had a sit down with the staff, and we went over, the different issues, that they needed to fix. one of my recommendations was either monitoring the bolts service, that basically we just can't have those intoxication levels. and his permit does not prohibit bottle service, and however, you know, i look at the problems that are caused
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from it and this is just one example of that. do you see, change? i know that it sounds like it has only been about a month and do you think that they have been changing their management. >> i have looked at and we have had two report and this is after we had the meeting with staff. and we had two incidents that i know about that came to the level of documentation. and you know, that is might be helpful, because i would like to see, you know, we want the club to thrive. but, we just can't have the calls for service in the violence, you know, every single weekend. >> yeah, it sounded pretty regular, so it is certaining. >> so commissioner hyde. >> i was also going to ask them about bringing them in and i wanted to ask a question because when i used to get a beer bust at the eagle they would have them come around and fill my glass